Welcome to my web site. For the present its purpose is to introduce myself and show some of what I have done, but I
    hope it will become more serious as my interests develop.

    I have two interests, astronomy and lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). I became interested in astronomy at age 11 or 12.
    My astronomical activities subsided for many years when I attended college but started up again in the mid 1970ís. I
    enjoy some visual observing, primarily deep sky objects, but I am not the avid observer that characterizes many amateurs.
    My interests are in spectroscopy and photometry of variable star. I have a Meade 16" LX200R telescope, a LHIRES III spectrometer, and
    a ST8-XME CCD camera. These are relatively recent acquistions and so I am still in the process of learning spectroscopy.

    As with astronomy, I started collecting butterflies and moths at age 11 or 12. I still collect, but not as seriously as some
    lepidopterists. My primary interest in lepidoptera is in the areas of population genetics and speciation.  The thesis for my
    Ph.D. in genetics from NCSU at Raleigh was on selection for competitive ability in Drosophila. My M.S. degree thesis at
    ASU in Tempe was on the genetics of a butterfly, Chlosyne lacinia.

               Spectroscopy and Photometry
               My Permanent Observatory
               My 12.5" Dall-Kirkham Telescope
               My Portable Observatory

               Chlosyne lacinia

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