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Tom is descended from Matthew L. White. Following is the ancestry from Tom back to Matthew.

Tom's father was Glen Thomas White (sometimes listed as Thomas Glen) b. Oct. 20, 1900, in Osceola, St. Clair County, MO. He married Susie Helen Atkins June 19, 1926, at Osceoa. He died May 22, 1945 in Phoenix, AZ

I. Glen was the son of Joseph Jackson White (Jack) b. Dec. 1, 1862, in Osceola, MO. He m. Henrietta James White (Etta) Oct. 2, 1887, at Osceola. Jack and Etta were 1st cousins. Jack died Aug. 21, 1939, in St. Clair County, MO. Etta died Sept. 9, 1931, at Osceola, MO. They are both buried in Iconium Cemetery, St. Clair County, MO. They had four children:

(1). Mae Elizabeth White (Lizzie) b. Sept. 16, 1886, at Osceola, MO. M. William Lester Gorman (I) July 5, 1910, at Osceola. She died July 24, 1976, at Blackwell, Kay County, OK. He was b. Sept. 22, 1879, in Dade County, MO and died Sept. 28, 1963, at Tonkawa, Kay County, OK. They are both buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Tonkawa, OK. They had seven children.

(2). Charles Elmer White b. May 26, 1891, MO; d. Aug. 19, 1893, MO; Bur. Iconium Cemetery, St. Clair County, MO.

(3). Mary Essie White b. Sept. 4, 1894, Osceola, MO. M. Bryan H. Bisbee June 25, 1927, in St. Clair County, MO. She died July 7, 1962, Kansas City, Jackson County, MO and is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Kansas City, MO. He was b. Sept. 19, 1897; d. May 17, 1964, MO; bur. in Lowry City Cemetery, St. Clair County, MO. They had three children.

(4). Glen Thomas (above).

II. Joseph Jackson White was the son of James Harvey White. James was born in Alabama. He m. Cynthia Ann Johnston Dec. 8, 1837 in Warren County, MO. He died before July 8, 1867 in St. Clair County, MO. (There are four different versions of his death: a. He was killed by bushwackers while eating supper; b. He was killed by the "Home Guard"; c. He was shot in the back while trying to escape - he was crippled; d. Some say he died (or was killed) in 1863. We have a copy of the Appointment of his daughter, Rebecca Jane White as admin. of his estate in St. Clair County, MO dated July 8, 1867 so we know he died before that date.) We have been told that he was buried in the Old Johnston Cemetery which was covered with water from the Truman Dam. The Corps of Engineers are supposed to have moved all of the graves from this cemetery to the Wright's Creek Cemetery, but when we visited it, the headstones had not been moved and all the graves are simply marked "unknown".

Cynthia Ann Johnston was b. Aug. 18, 1819, in MO. She died in 1862 in MO. She and James had ten children:

(1). William L. White b. ca 1840 in MO; killed in the Civil War. No further information.

(2). Rebecca Jane White b. Jan. 25, 1843, MO; m. James Madison Wilkerson 21 Mar. 1870, St. Clair County, MO. She died Aug. 2, 1931, Mountainaire, Torrance County, NM; bur.: Mountainaire Cemetery. James (known as "Doc" Wilkerson or "The Old Indian Doctor") may have been married previously. Rebecca and James had three children.

(3). Mary Ann White b. Sept. 5, 1845, in MO; m. Isaac Jonathan Smith. she died Dec. 27, 1924 in Muskogee, Muskogee County, OK. Isaac was b. Jan. 3, 1845, in TN. He died June 23, 1913 at Muskogee, OK. Both are buried in the old Caseptha (Blann) Cemetery, Morris, Okmulgee County, OK. They had eleven children.

(4). Sarah Caroline White b. ca 1847 in MO; m. Jesse Green Bunch Feb. 14, 1872, St. Clair County, MO. We have no information on her death. Jesse was b. ca 1847 in St. Clair County, MO; d. in 1922 in Orange County, CA; bur: Fairhaven Memorial Park. They had three children.

(5). John Bryan White b. Nov. 2, 1850, in St. Clair County, MO; m. Orlena McBee Nov. 28, 1872, in the Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma Territory. He died Aug. 20, 1934, in Henry County, MO.; bur: Deepwater Cemetery, Henry County, MO. Orlena (a half-sister to James Madison Wilkerson) was b. Jan. 25, 1850, Knoxville, Claibourne County, TN; d. Feb. 19, 1932 in Henry County, MO; bur. Deepwater Cemetery. They had six children.

(6). Robert Kirtley White (Bob) b. Jan. 30, 1853, in MO; m. Georgia Ann Campbell. He died July 7, 1936, in AR; bur: Boiling Springs Cemetery, Hector, Pope County, AR. We have no dates of birth or death for Georgia but believe that she, too, is buried in Boiling Springs Cemetery. They had three children.

(7). Thomas Jefferson White (Tom) d. April 23, 1945; m. Becky ______. He had a stepson, Buck. We have been told "he was an outlaw". He was a wheat farmer in Pryor and Adair, OK. We have no further information on him.

(8). Serina Elizabeth White m. John Duie Clendenning Mar. 11, 1874, in St. Clair County, MO. We have no birth or death dates for her. John was born May 31, 1840 in Deerfield Twp, Warren County, OH. Apparently Elizabeth died young as John married (2nd) Katharine Sarah Wachendorker in 1879-1880. John and Elizabeth had no known children. John and Katharine had two children. John d. Feb. 23, 1885, Blackburn, Saline County, MO; bur: Sweet Springs Cemetery, Saline County, MO.

(9). Lucretia Hilda White b. July 14, 1857; m. Aquilla Thomas Smith July 30, 1877, in St. Clair County, MO; d. Feb. 11, 1879 in MO; bur: Smith Bend Cemetery, St. Clair County, MO. Aquilla was b. 1853; d. 1942, bur: Smith Bend Cemetery. (Aquilla and Isaac - husband of #3 above - were brothers.)

(10). Joseph Jackson White (I above).

III. Matthew L. White b. ca 1780 in VA; m. Rhoda Stagdon (Stockton? )in Clinton County, KY. She was b. ca 1792. We have found no death dates or places for either Matthew or Rhoda. Matthew lived in eastern TN and AL. In 1829 he settled the land where Pinnacle Rock stands in Montgomery County, MO. In the 1850 census, Matthew, age 70, was living with a Benjamin White. His relationship to Benjamin was not noted, but we believe him to be a nephew. We have a copy of a land grand to Matthew L. White in Tuscaloosa County, AL dated Oct. 1, 1860. He would have been approx. 80 years old at that time. We also found where Matthew obtained land April 24, 1820, in Montgomery County, MO. From court records, we also know that Matthew was in Montgomery County, MO in 1844. Matthew and Rhoda had eleven children:

(1). Nancy White.

(2). William White.

(3). Thomas S. White.

(4). James Harvey White (above).

(5). Isaac Newton White b. ca 1815 in AL, m. Nancy ______. Nancy was b. ca 1817 in NC. They had three children: Sarah White b. ca 1846 MO; Mathew White b. ca 1848 MO; and Rhoda White b. ca 1850 MO. Isaac was a Methodist Minister and performed a number of marriages in Warren County, MO in the late 1800's.

(6). John R. White b. ca 1817, AL; m. Mary R. Hoover Feb. 12, 1857, St. Clair County, MO. He died Feb. 4, 1897, Iconium, St. Clair County, MO. Mary was b. Feb. 25, 1833, in VA; d. Jan. 29, 1903, Iconium; both are bur: Iconium Cemetery. They had five children: Martha b. 1848; Rhoda J. White b. 1852 AL, m. William Miller Aug. 13, 1874, St. Clair County, MO; Henrietta James White; Anna K. White b. Dec. 14, 1862, St. Clair County, MO, m. Andrew Jackson Haden Nov. 24, 1881, Iconium, d. Mar. 19, 1946, Osceola, St. Clair County, MO, bur: Iconium Cemetery, had four children; Mary A. White b. 1869, MO.

(7). Mary Jane White m. Benjamin H. F. FriceMarch 2, 1847, Warren County, MO.

(8). Samuel M. White.

(9). Margaret A. White m. Harrison King Jan. 15, 1852, Warren County, MO. Apparently this was a second marriage for Harrison King. We believe this is our Margaret, but have found nothing else to substantiate it.

(10). Martha Lucretia White b. Dec. 16, 1831, Montgomery County, MO; m. James Thompson Hunt June 12, 1861, Readsville, Callaway County, MO. She died Aug. 18, 1920, Montgomery County, MO. James was b. Aug. 27, 1834, Louisiana, Pike County, MO; d. Feb. 24, 1902, West Plains, Howell County, MO. We have not found graves for either of them. They had five children: Nora Melissa Hunt b. April 4, 1862, Readsville, Callaway County, MO, m. John Lewis McCord Sept. 22, 1880, Price's Branch, Montgomery County, MO, d. June 27, 1947, Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS; Larkin William Hunt b. July 1, 1864, Price's Branch, m. (1) Irene Barrick March 6, 1889, m. (2) Loretta Rink Sept. 24, 1917, d. Oct. 18, 1942, Pomona, Howell County, MO; Lee Hunt b. June 18, 1868, d. Dec. 24, 1885; Lillie May Hunt b. Sept. 3, 1873, d. Oct. 8, 1930, m. Asa Knowlton; Alma Hunt b. Feb. 6, 1875, d. Mar. 1, 1922, m. G. H. Frank.

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